MECATECH industry d.o.o.
A secure partnership to remain competitive over time.
We have 20 years’ experience in turning and screw machining.
Our company located in eastern countries, specifically in the heart of Serbia, is specialized in the cutting of simple and middle complex parts.
Our main objective is to reduce the costs of manufacturing, assembly and control.

We can make available the following equipment:
- Automatic CNC sliding head of ø1 to ø20mm with driven tools
- Barloader, bar 3000mm long
- Parts Control Equipment: Profile projector Mitutoyo roughness, comparators, micrometers...

The materials we are often are machining: Brass, Stainless Steel 316L, 304L, aluminum, steel, titanium, plastic...

If you are interested in a serious and reliable partnership, MECATECH industry is the right company for you. All your demands will be for us a new challenge.